Merida eBIG.NINE 600

630Wh Akku. Shimano EP8, 85Nm


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We have the latest E-bikes, Mountain bikes and Gravel bikes from Merida, Kona and Ghost available to rent from our shop. Depending on your riding style and desires we can reserve the ideal ride for you over the duration of your stay.

Full suspension Mountain bikes

With a Full suspension Mountain bike you have the best choice for riding off road. If you are cruising on Gravel roads or riding on technical trails the suspension works hard to give you the best comfort and grip in all conditions.

Hardtail Mountain bikes

A Hardtail Mountain bike means that only the front wheel has suspension. A Hardtail bike the first choice for many. Unless you really want to ride the rough stuff a Hardtail bike will tick all the boxes for a versatile and competent ride in almost every situation.

Electric bikes

Full suspension or Hardtail Electric Mountain bikes are perfect to take the strain out of riding in the area. The powerful motors help you to go further and higher without having to exert yourself! This really is the ideal way to discover the valleys and peaks!

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