Kitzbuhel Events

Kitzbühler Alpen rally At the beginning of June is the top motor sport event of the year. Dozens of stunning classic cars line the streets of Kitzbühel and take part in events.
Harley Davidson Festival Take to the streets as hundreds of bikers pour into town for a weekend of mayhem at the beginning of July. Live bands, beer tents and dancing girls for the party people amongst us!
Mountain bike racing  Kitzbühel is a centre in Austria for Mountain bike events. A number of races throughout the summer keep the local riders up to speed as well as the visiting pros. The Kitzalpbike race attracts more than 600 riders. Email for a bike event calendar.
Munich Oktoberfest Nearby Munich presents the worlds biggest P*ss up every September and October! Huge beer tents full to bursting are the place to enjoy the local beers and get to know the locals...! ;-) Daily minibus from Kitz.
The Schwarsee Triathalon The Schwarsee triathlon in Kitzbühel is a big triathlon event that takes place right here over the summer season. Why not get involved? These events are open to the public and many hundreds of people take part every year.


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